Pursuing the dream of establishing a real  coffee shop in the universities or around the students area is the organic motivation for “SUDO BREW”.



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On the Occation of International Coffee Day, SUDO BREW Reach 2 MURI

Regardless Restrictions Towards Community Activities (PPKM), which limits gatherings such as exhibitions, business meetings or workshop to avoid crowd it still does not reduce the rapture of coffee enthusiasts to celebrate World Coffee Day. Some of coffee brands celebrates with freebies and special treats. To ride the wave and joy, SUDO BREW officially open their brand new outlets simultaneously in two countries: Indonesia at Jakarta Garden City and Malaysia at Petaling jaya.


Making it special, Sudo Brew hands out free coffee for 2021 cups to everyone who drives by The ceremony is held still by obeying the restriction rule and health protocol. It was carries out on Friday 1st Oct 2021. The 2021 cups of coffee were distributed on 6 separated spots around east Jakarta. Beside that, the handing out coffee contained 6 Flavours. Isa Ansari the CEO of Sudo Brew explained It was all intentionally selected to represent special meaning too.

“2021 Cups is a reminder for us SUDO SUPERTeam which begins with the birth of an Idea by the founder, planning and the realization to finally an opening of the outlet is carried out in the same year, 2021” he explained.

And he continued that 6 represented the 6 years since announced on October 1st, 2005 in Milan to be officially celebrated annually as World Coffee days As a result, what SUDO BREW did was rewarded with a MURI record for two categories. The first is the opening of 2 outlets simultaneously in Indonesia and Malaysia and sharing as many as 2021 cups with 6 different flavors in 6 locations.

“Initially, we didn’t think that what we were doing was appreciated by MURI, in essence we were participating in celebrating World Coffee Day and at the same time improving the economy of coffee players and coffee farmers,” He said

He wished that it could motivate all SUDO SUPERTeam to present the best quality of works and products

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